New Camille Bauer electrical distribution measurement system with Modbus/TCP or control system connection via IEC 61850

SINEAX CAM-POWER is designed for measurements in electric distribution systems or in industrial facilities. Its modular design allows it to be adjusted to individual applications and information requirements in an optimum fashion.

The high-performance measuring system is capable of determining the current network state, additional load by non-linear consumers as well as the overall load of the supply system. Consistent measurement also guarantees that every network change is reliably acquired and included in measured data and extreme value storage. The basic accuracy amounts to 0.1% (U, I) or 0.2% for other variables.
The programmable acquisition period and the high sampling rate make the device also suitable for the acquisition of special input signals with variable sampling intervals (e.g. zero-crossing controls), altered sine shapes (e.g. phase-angle controls) or strong distortions.
The optional I/O interface may be individually adjusted to all requirements. Up to 4 groups of terminals are available. One of 5 possible functions may be assigned to them respectively.

  • Consistent measurement (without interruption)
  • Adaptation to the measuring task by configurable sampling intervals and adjustable overriding ranges
  • Suitable for strongly distorted networks, full wave or phase angle controls
  • I/O interface adaptable to individual requirements
  • Configuration and measured value acquisition via USB and Modbus interface (RS485)
  • Acquisition of minimum and maximum values with time stamp
  • Internal energy meters for the measured network or external variables

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