Calibration of Conductivity Measurements in UPW and WFI

Having  trouble with conductivity calibrations in low conductivity applications ?  trying to meet the requirements of USP or EP to calibrate and verify cell constants to 2%  ?  Using Standard Solutions with values such as 1.3, 5 and 10 uS is no way to solve this problem !  Independent reports suggest this leads to errors in the region of 15% routinely and we have seen errors of over 40% !!! We have developed an accurate and  robust field calibrator based on Yokogawa’s proven technology together  with an accredited laboratory partner to solve this problem. Certified and Wetted parts electropolished, this Master Meter is changing the way technicians look at Conductivity Calibrations.  We have  over 20 pharma customers in Ireland using these successfully ,   improving what was historically a troublesome area for them .

We supply Accredited Training with each unit purchased !  Drop us a line and we will send an information pack Conductivity Master Meter

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