SC450Understanding exactly what is going on when diluting Chemicals for CIP applications in your process will help you save 10% or more of the chemicals you are using – which of course has the added benefit of not needing to be treated as waste in your effluent system saving you further money.

Current methods for measuring concentration of  1 to 3%  NaOH Caustic and  HNO3  Nitric Acid solutions especially at elevated temperatures typically 60 to 80 degC ,  lead to 10%  more chemical being utilised than is required to clean the process .

With the correct selection of Temperature Compensation , we will save you 10% of your chemical use and we will be delighted to call and show you how.

Our Yokogawa Sc450 and Flexa Series of process Conductivity/Concentration meters have the most advanced built in temperature compensation curves available for your CIP activities.  

  • Unique touch screen operation and easy operation and calibration screens

  • Enhanced diagnostics, process trending graphics and on-screen logbook for data storage

  • Two mA-outputs and four SPDT relay contacts with display indicators

  • Hart® Communications

  • FM Class 1, Div.2, Group ABCD, T6 for Ta-20 to 55°C

  • IP66/NEMA4X 1/2 DIN enclosure for Field Mounting and Panel Mounting

  • Advanced Process Temperature Compensation

  • Cell fouling monitoring

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Yokogawa and the Food and Beverages Industries



HP Valves focuses on the design, manufacture and sale of medium and high pressure, forged steel gate, globe, check, needle and double block & bleed valves, as well as strainers, blow-down and stop-check valves.

Using their wide experience in power generation and petrochemical industries, they are able to offer a competitive and high-quality valve package with all the advantages that you might expect from a modern, fully equipped manufacturer.

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Special Promotion Energy and Power Disturbance Analysers -Gossen Metrawatt

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2 additional sets added to the range  

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Modular 2-wire liquid analyser supports dual sensors

Yokogawa’s FLXA21 measures ph/ORP, inductive and contacting conductivity, and dissolved oxygen –

The new Yokogawa FLXA21 is the latest generation of the company’s range of liquid analysers designed for continuous on-line measurements in industrial installations.

The new instrument is a modular 2-wire liquid analyser that supports the use of up to two sensors and can be flexibly configured to measure several different liquid properties including pH/ORP, contacting conductivity, inductive conductivity and dissolved oxygen.

The FLXA21 also incorporates a number of advanced features including a touch screen for ease of operation, sensor self-diagnostics, maintenance time estimation, 12 language display options, and a range of digital communications interfaces.

The ability of the FLXA21 to support up to two sensors of the same type helps to reduce installation and maintenance costs and save space, in addition to enabling the configuration of a highly reliable backup system with interruption-free measurement assured even during maintenance.

The modular design of the FLXA21 offers a high degree of ‘scalability’ and enables the construction of a variety of systems. System changeover can be accomplished quickly and easily by replacing and adding modules, and users can select the case material (plastic or stainless steel).

The interactive touch display provides on-screen guidance messages to make setup quick and easy. In the event of an error, the screen displays an error code and indicates the corrective action to be taken. Several different display modes are available, and prompts and other messages eliminate the need to consult the instruction manual.

Sensor self-diagnostics capabilities are provided via continuous measurement of sensor impedance, asymmetric potential and slope, as well as continuous monitoring for electrode contamination, damage, burnout and decline in measurement liquid level. A display of sensor status includes the latest five calibration results along with an estimate of the future maintenance and calibration times.

The FLXA21 can be used with a wide variety of pH/ORP, contacting conductivity, inductive conductivity, and dissolved oxygen sensors.

Digital communications options include HART, FOUNDATION™ fieldbus and Profibus.

Calibration of Conductivity Measurements in UPW and WFI

Having  trouble with conductivity calibrations in low conductivity applications ?  trying to meet the requirements of USP or EP to calibrate and verify cell constants to 2%  ?  Using Standard Solutions with values such as 1.3, 5 and 10 uS is no way to solve this problem !  Independent reports suggest this leads to errors in the region of 15% routinely and we have seen errors of over 40% !!! We have developed an accurate and  robust field calibrator based on Yokogawa’s proven technology together  with an accredited laboratory partner to solve this problem. Certified and Wetted parts electropolished, this Master Meter is changing the way technicians look at Conductivity Calibrations.  We have  over 20 pharma customers in Ireland using these successfully ,   improving what was historically a troublesome area for them .

We supply Accredited Training with each unit purchased !  Drop us a line and we will send an information pack Conductivity Master Meter

Maintenance-free pH sensor for harsh environments

The Yokogawa FU24 is a new ‘four in one’ pH sensor designed to offer virtually maintenance-free operation and long sensor lifetime – especially in harsh applications involving severe temperature and pressure fluctuations.

FU24 pH sensor

The new sensor incorporates a patented Yokogawa-designed bellows system which automatically compensates for the effect of pressure fluctuations. Such pressure variations can be highly detrimental to sensor operation, as they can initiate a pumping effect resulting from the expansion and shrinkage of the gel or liquid inside the sensor. The outcome is that the process liquid will start to ingress into the sensor and the reference voltage – and hence the pH measurement – will start to drift.

In the FU24 sensor, pressure fluctuations are automatically compensated by the built-in bellows up to 10 bar, making the sensor virtually insensitive to pressure variations. A positive overpressure maintained by the tension in the bellows generates a steady flow out of the sensor.

Solvay – Environmental Monitoring System

Solvay Logo

Irish Power and Process Ltd successfully installed and commissioned an environmental monitoring system (EMS), together with associated field and analytical instrumentation at Solvay in Carrigtwohill Cork.

Utilising Yokogawa’s DxAdvanced paperless and Network based recording system, the system logs data, saves it daily to a secure server, publishes the data on web based reports, and can email periodic data from the field instrumentation or view on demand.
The system also has email on Alarm capability which alerts engineers if the system is moving outside allowable limits, set through its EPA licence arrangements.

Yokogawa DaqStation
DAQSTATION Models display measurement data in real-time on a high resolution TFT color liquid crystal display. Data can be saved to Internal Large ( up to 200MB ) capacity non volatile memory, external CompactFlash memory card, or USB drives , offering an incredible level of security to data storage.. DXadvanced include a standard Ethernet port with built-in Web Server and E-mail functions and TCP I/P and FTP protocol support.

The associated Yokogawa field instruments include Yokogawa Advanced pH analysers pH450, and Yokogawa Magnetic flowmeters Admag AXF.

The PH450 is a touch screen pH transmitter with powerful self diagnostic features that ensure, the pH system is intact, the sensors are immersed in liquid, the system is not contaminated and the glass is not broken. The Model PH450 provides the best pH measurement accuracy in the industry resulting from advanced temperature compensation functionality, preloaded calibration standards, stability checks and online sensor and analyzer diagnostics to provide verifiable results.

Yokogawa PH450G

The AXF magnetic flowmeter is a product with outstanding reliability and ease of operation, developed on the basis of decades of fieldproven experience.
The AXF magnetic flowmeter is significantly easier to maintain thanks to the combination of replaceable electrodes and a diagnostic function that detects the adhesion level on the electrodes. The AXF also employs a dual frequency excitation method that eliminates fluid noise.

The AXF Flowmeter offers mA output for Flow rate, takes advantage of the flow totaliser functions of the DXadvnaced recorder so separate Flow Totaliser is not required, and offers a pulse output to a refrigerated water sampling system so that samples are taken for lab analysis automatically.

Solvay , who were already familiar with Yokogawa recorder systems on 21cfrPart11 GMP applications are delighted with the ease at which they can view the data from the system and compile it in a way which suits internal and external regulatory personnel .

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