The new Raytek Thermoview Pi20 Fixed Thermal Imaging System for Industrial Process Control

Raytek, a leading worldwide provider of infrared (IR) thermometry has introduced the ThermoView Pi20 process imager and DataTemp Pi (DTPi) software. This easy-to-use thermal imaging solution provides an expanded view of process performance in a wide range of industrial applications.

Raytek Thermoview Pi20

Raytek® ThermoView™ Pi20 is a high performance fixed thermal imager for moving or stationary targets in industrial process control applications. ThermoView Pi20 is offered in two temperature ranges: -40 to 500°C (-40 to 932ºF) and 200 to 2000°C (392 to 3632ºF).

Designed for automated monitoring and control of continuous or stationary targets, the ThermoView Pi20 fixed-mounted process imager provides a process view of thermal images, allowing plant operators to shorten process startup times and lower production line changeover costs.

The camera is paired with the intuitive DTPi software, which minimizes or eliminates the long learning curve associated with many process imaging systems.

The Raytek Pi20 camera and DTPi software offer multi-point control flexibility corresponding to Areas of Interest (AOIs) on the product with independent alarm settings. This provides the ability to reduce heating costs by applying heat to only the areas that need it. Users can also tell immediately when a product changeover is made if their process is under control.

Process problems that show up as temperature anomalies are instantly detected, and image file and AOI archiving based on alarm conditions, captures data showing when the alarm condition occurred.”

The ThermoView Pi20 camera and DataTemp Pi software are designed for use in diverse and often rugged industrial settings. During solar module testing, for example, the thermal imaging system allows early detection of defective solar cells. It also enables manufacturers to improve productivity and energy generation from solar modules. The thermal imaging camera and software also detect unquenched clinkers on coke conveyers, and identify hot spots during pressboard production and garbage incineration.

Thermoview Pi20 camera operational diagram

The ThermoView Pi20 camera is easily interfaced to the DataTemp Pi software for viewing, archiving and playback of both on-line and off-line thermal images. The DTPi supports up to sixteen (16) Pi20 cameras simultaneously in a single software package where each camera can have up to 192 process alarms to be assigned as relay outputs. As a result, users can minimize the total system footprint on the factory floor and control room with a single PC installation. The software is designed to be set up and operational within minutes.

The system enables a significant reduction in product scrap by providing alarm outputs immediately when they occur, anywhere on the product.

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Raytek is the worldwide leader in non-contact temperature measurement, designing, manufacturing a complete line of infrared (IR) temperature measurement instruments for industrial, maintenance and quality control applications.

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