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Fluke 9190A

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Key Features Benefits
Wide temperature range:-95 °C to 140 °C Brackets the coldest and highest temperatures required for most pharmaceutical, biomedical and food processing applications
Best-in-class stability:± 0.015 °C full range Ideal for applications that demand strict quality control and regulatory process compliance
No bath fluids Keep “cleanrooms” clean. Easier to transport. Faster heating and cooling times.
Fast cooling time Reaches target temperature quickly; -90 °C in 80 min; -95 °C in 90 minutes
Small footprint and portability Dimensions: 480 mm H x 205 mm W x 380 mm D (18.8 in x 8.0 in x 14.9 in). Weight: 16 kg (35 pounds). Built-in front and back handles for easy two-handed carry. Portable enough to take to the field. More portable than a calibration bath.
9190A-P “process” option Everything you need to test RTDs and thermocouples in a process environment – in the lab or in the field. Includes reference thermometer input, RTD input, TC input, 4-20 mA measure, 24 V dc loop power supply.
Best measurement practices Conforms to EURAMET cg-13 guidance on measurement practices for temperature block calibrators. The 9190A specifications are outstanding for accuracy, stability, axial (vertical) uniformity, radial (well-to-well) uniformity, loading, and hysteresis.

Why the 9190A wins

  • Best stability and uniformity: The 9190A stability is two times better than other cold-temperature drywells. When using an external reference thermometer, stability and uniformity are the largest contributors to overall measurement uncertainty. A more stable temperature source means a more accurate calibration, which can equate to major savings (or cost depending on the situation).
  • Speed to temperature: The 9190A provides the fastest speed to temperature. While competitors use the same free piston Stirling cooler (FPSC), the 9190A requires less time to reach temperature and stabilize. This is due to Fluke Calibration refrigeration expertise and proprietary controller technology.
  • Reference temperature control: This feature reduces uncertainties due to axial gradients when calibrating short sensors.
  • Process inputs: The 9190A provides a complete calibration with a single tool. There’s no need to carry extra gear when performing on-site calibrations.
  • Ergonomics and industrial design: Built-in handles make the 9190A easier and safer to carry than a bail-style handle.
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